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Most of us have born to a middle-class family and completed our upper primary schooling in a Government School. When we compare Government High Schools and Govt Universities with that of Private Schools and universities specially in Rural Areas of India we can observe many differences in Urban Education and Rural Education. These differences give rise to some of the major challenges that we need to overcome immediately.

We at PractoMind Foundation with our Initiative Mo Pathashala aims to eliminate this gap and elevate quality in Rural Education System as in rural India, access to education in various spheres such as social, political, economic, scientific and others can act as a catalyst to change. In today’s rural India, many castes have successfully utilized education to break through social and cultural norms associated with their castes and have also helped in their economic betterment. We do not want to disturb the set education system, rather we intend to provide rural students with quality education at free of cost to help them grasps concepts well to succeed in their future studies.

Mo Pathashala as an initiative has been started in the Kumarpur Panchayat of Cuttack District, Odisha during December 2014. Since then we have tried our best to provide quality education at our 4 centers where more than 350 students are getting benefited. So far we were able to bring a positive change to almost 89 families in 3 GPs with 22 villages and have also provided 126 scholarships to the deserving students.

We are now aiming to expand it to reach mass by leveraging technology by below means,

      • Free Online Video Classes
      • Free Content Notes
      • Weekly Classes at each Gram Panchyat run by our Volunteers

We will keep updating this page for more information.